The company Walter Kames

is known worldwide for the trade with high-quality secondhand machinetools.

The company is buying and selling individual machines, production lines and complete factory inventory for the metalcutting and metalforming industry.
On an area of more than 10000 sqm with crane capacity upto 70 tons customers from all over the world are finding one of the biggest warehouses for used machines in Europe. From the simple lathe to the biggest CNC plano milling machine we are able to demonstrate the majority of our machines to the interested customer under power. The modification, overhauling and control retrofits are part of the services offered.

Latest communication means and access to specific online records enable our highly qualified team of employees to react flexible and quickly to the requirements of our customers. Only in the year 2005 we have supplied different machinetools with a total weight of more than 3500 tons to customers in 25 countries on all continents.

A look at the history:

1922Company Kames was founded by Josef Kames.
1957Walter Kames takes over ownership and management.
1985The company was renamed WALTER KAMES LTD.
2010Mr. Alexander Kames gets appointed as managing director.